For the love of the planet!

Define Planet is proud to say that we are dedicated to using recycled materials for all of our product manufacturing and productions. We think of every aspect of our products starting from our packaging, to the cores of our rolls and our dispensers.

We are keen on developing products that are as friendly on the earth as possible. Our Poobags, one is EPI Certified and Veggie-based bag is 100% plastic free, both allow for accelerated decomposition compared to standard plastic bags. Our Bamboo fiber Boobowls and Boowipes can be tossed in the compost.

We are committed using renewable and sustainable raw materials in our products, to ensure that we play our part to be environmentally friendly. Our BooBowls and BooWipes are made with Bamboo Fibers, an amazing self-replenishing plant, just one of the many great materials we work with.